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‘Food Leviticus’ November 10, 2007

boots  Yes, I’m still slowly reading through AVMAnd I have been slow to post with further inspiring thoughts, but I’m loving Kingsolver’s journery, however pathetically I trudge through at the moment- my time is seriously divided upon other things- apologies.

I’m finding many have “heard” of the book, on NPR, or through someone else, and this is inspiring, to me anyway.  I also feel many of us want to continue to implement conscious food choices and practices, but with the endless bounty in the US, it’s all too easy to stay “comfortable” with the local super-mega food chains, isn’t it?

I’m also intrigued by some thoughts:

   “The main barrier standing between ourselves and a

   local-food culture is not price, but attitude.  The most

   difficult requirements are patience and a pinch of re-

   straint- virtues that are hardly the property of the

   wealthy.  These virtures seem to find precious little

   shelter, in fact, in any modern quarter of this nation

   founded by Puritans.  Furthermore, we apply them

   selectively…”    pg31

The way many of us have been raised, where we live, how much money we have at our disposal for going all “organic” or local to feed not only oursleves, but perhaps, if we have a family, one, two extra yearning mouths.

I’m pleased to sense Ms Kingsolver’s lack of piousness when directing her reading audience, even with such a personal story, which could make that leaning much easier.  This is a family journey that is ultimately genunine and sincere, and welcomes all.



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