urban literary-knot

Summer Fades – Harvest Begins September 16, 2008




And so, we begin again, next month after schedules have settled, studio hours and pieces have been completed and the showing goes forward…. I love fall!

Summer was busy and bountiful and we were even lucky enough to squeeze a pretty decent “far-away” vacation that did all of the family good- yeah!

Now that the baby pumpkins are turning a beautiful deep orange, though I’m a bit frustrated that my French variety look to have bitten the dust or have been bitten and digested by my animal neighbors, and the sunflowers are drooping and being nibbled to my annoyance by those urban squirrels, I’m thinking of some good October reads and will weigh the possibilities in the next couple of weeks.

So what have you been reading this past summer my ULK comrads?

See you all soon!


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